$599.00 USD

The Empowered Birth Course

If you are looking for a non-boring birth course that can help you navigate labor so you feel supported, confident, and empowered you will LOVE the ULTIMATE BIRTH COURSE-Empowered Birth.

Dr. Kseniya is a certified prenatal & pediatric Chiropractor that loves teaching and supporting moms through pregnancy & labor. She believes that labor should be about your connection to your body & you should go in fearless. She is known for helping moms accomplish their dream births, feeling empowered, and paving the way for many for better births.

What's included in the course?

  • Non-boring birth anatomy-learning all about what birth entails. If you want to know the truth & learn important techniques to help you get through labor.
  • Empowered Partner-videos to help your partner learn techniques to support you through labor. This is a game changer!
  • Prepping for postpartum-learning what to do in the third trimester so you aren't just trying to survive postpartum BUT THRIVE through it.
  • Featured & downloadable guides that you can use to help support you through labor.

*My lawyer wants you to know that there aren't any refunds after purchase and we do not guarantee any results. Results may vary*